The Selling of your home in Broward County can be extremely stressful. The costs involved can seem daunting to any homeowner. Fortunately, there is way to save costs when selling your home and that process is known as “For Sale by Owner.” The math is simple. When you do not use the services of a realtor, you save the costs of paying out commission fees to your agent. Although you may have to pay a commission fee to the Buyer’s agent, you are still able to save costs.
Many homeowners believe that the only way they will be able to properly sell their property is through the use of a realtor. This is incorrect. The Law Office of Brian P. Kowal, PA will provide highly you experienced representation in the sale of your home. From the preparation of the Sales Contract to the signing of the closing papers, our firm will assist you throughout the entire process. Not having proper legal representation when selling your home can often lead sellers to overlook essential parts of the transaction. While it is important to save costs when selling your home, it is also necessary that you provide clear and marketable title to the buyer.
If you are an interested in selling your home and do not want to be represented by a realtor, contact the Law Office of Brian P. Kowal, PA today at (954) 990-7552. Allow an experienced Attorney guide you through the sale of your home.