Why Should a Homeowner sell their property without a Realtor?

The Selling of your home in Broward County can be stressful. The main concern for most Sellers are costs. For every seller, the goal is to sell their property for as much as they can. To increase profit, the best way is without a Realtor. This is known as “For Sale By Owner” or FSBO.  Sell your property without a Realtor instead of paying high commissions.  A Broward County For Sale By Owner Attorney will guide you every step of the way.

Many homeowners believe they need a Realtor to sell their property. Florida does not require a Seller to use a Realtor.  Unfortunately for Sellers, Realtors are more interested in maximizing their commissions at the Seller’s expense.  Why is For Sale By Owner cost effective for a Seller? A Seller may receive an offer of $300,000.00 for their home in Broward County.  If they use a Realtor, the Realtor will receive 3 percent of the $300,000.00. Furthermore, the Buyer has a Realtor also receiving 3 percent. As the Seller pays commissions, they will have to pay $18,000.00. Without a Realtor, they will save $9,000.00.  Therefore,  you stand more to gain without a Realtor.

Attorney Owned Title Company Can Facilitate the Transaction.

An Attorney Owned Title Company most effectively handles FSBO. As a result of using an Attorney Owned Title Company, a Real Estate Attorney will represent the Seller when they sell their home.   Additionally,  a Real Estate Attorney is not receiving a Commission. They can focus on ensuring that the transaction is properly handled.

The “For Sale by Owner” process gives the Seller more control over the sale of their home.  Above all, the sale of one’s home should be about them.  Contact our Office today at (954) 990-7552 if you are selling your home without a Realtor.  Your Broward County For Sale by Owner Attorney is here to provide you the assurances you need for a smooth sale.