A Commercial Landlord Is not always required to be represented by an Attorney when filing an Eviction in Broward County. In many cases, the Tenant that is being evicted by the Commercial Landlord fails to file a response to the Eviction Complaint. In the event that the Tenant fails to file a response, the Commercial Landlord will file a Motion for Default and Motion for Final Default Judgment of Evictio

After the Judge signs the Final Default Judgment, the Judge will then direct the Clerk of Court to sing a Writ of Possession. The Writ of Possession allows the Sheriff to place a notice on the Tenant’s door that they must leave the property within twenty-four hours. Unfortunately for the Commercial Landlord, this ideal scenario to remove the Tenant does not always occur.
Need to file an Eviction Against a Tenant in Lauderhill FL If a Commercial Landlord files an Eviction Action against the Tenant for non-payment of rent or for nonmonetary violations of the lease and the Tenant responds, the Court will likely set the matter for hearing. At the hearing, the Judge will likely enter an order continuing the hearing and allowing the Commercial Landlord a specified period of time (usually twenty (20) days) to retain an Attorney. This delay can be prevented if the Commercial Landlord hires an attorney to represent the Commercial Landlord from the inception of the Eviction Complaint.
If you are a Commercial Landlord in the State of Florida and need representation to remove a Tenant that has failed to pay rent or has violated a non-monetary provision of the lease, contact the Law Office of Brian P. Kowal, PA today at (954) 990-7552 or via email at briankowal@bkowallaw.com