If I’m a Tenant in Broward County and my apartment contains mold, do I have the right to stop paying Rent?

Many tenants believethat if they find mold in their apartment in Broward County, they have the right to stop paying rent to their Landlord.  This is not true.   If a tenant does not take the proper legal steps notifying their Landlord that mold is inside their Apartment, the Landlord has the right to evict the Tenant if they do pay their rent when it’s due. Florida Statutes 83.51 and 83.56 provide protection to a Tenant if mold is found in the apartment.

If you find mold in your apartment in Broward County, call the Law Office of Brian P. Kowal, PA today at (954) 990-7552.   Before you make the mistake of not paying your rent to the Landlord, come meet with an Experienced and Aggressive Attorney that will provide you the proper legal guidance in protecting your rights as a Tenant.