Florida has specific laws regarding Landlord Rights. Unfortunately, without representation, many Landlords violate these laws.   Therefore, if you need to evict a Tenant, contact your Eviction Lawyer in Plantation Florida today at (954) 990-7552.

How We Help Landlords 

1. Evicting Tenants that fail to pay rent.

If a Tenant fails to pay rent, they are given a 3 Day Notice.   Thereafter, they have 3 days to pay rent or vacate.   If they fail to pay rent, the Landlord can serve them with an Eviction.  If they pay the rent, the Eviction cannot proceed.

2.  Removing Holdover Tenants

If a Tenant fails to leave at the end of a lease, they can be evicted.  This occurs during a month-to-month lease.  To terminate a month-to-month lease, a Landlord is required to give the Tenant 15 days notice prior to the beginning of the next rental period.  In other words, to terminate a month-to-month lease in August, notice can be given any day prior to August 15 that the lease terminates on August 31.

3. Evicting Tenants for reasons unrelated to non payment of rent. 

A Tenant can be evicted for reasons other than failing to pay rent.  They include:

  1. Permitting unauthorized pets, guests, or vehicles
  2. Failing to keep part of the premises clean and sanitary
  3. Parking in an unauthorized manner or permitting such parking
  4. Failing to keep the property clean and sanitary.
  5. Failing to remove all garbage in a clean and sanitary manner.
  6. Destroying the property
  7. Unreasonably disturb the tenant’s neighbors or constitute a breach of the peace.

Before a Landlord can file the Eviction, they must give the Tenant a 7 Day Notice to Cure.  As a result, they have 7 Days to cure the violations.  However, if the Tenant cures the violation within 7 Days, the Eviction cannot proceed.

4.  Assist Landlords in keeping the Security Deposit

If a Landlord can meet 3 requirements, their chances of keeping the Deposit are greatly increased.

A.  Compliance with Florida Statute 83.49(3)

B.  Tenant has caused damages to the property

C.  Landlord has photographs and communications that can substantiate their claim.

5.  How we can help a Homeowner remove someone from their home that does not pay rent and have a lease

An Unlawful Detainer removes a Family Member or Friend that refuses to leave the home. Unlike an Eviction, it does not involve a Landlord-Tenant Relationship.  In addition, it is a quicker process since there are less defenses.  However, if the individual can show that they paid any rent, the Unlawful Detainer will not succeed.  As a result, the Homeowner will have to proceed with the Eviction Process instead.  Therefore, it is important to meet with an Attorney that can properly guide you.

Accordingly, if you need to evict a Tenant, contact your Eviction Lawyer in Plantation Florida today at (954) 990-7552.