Foreclosure Defense Coral Springs

If I’m served with a foreclosure complaint in Coral Springs FL, how much time do I have to respond?

If you are served with a foreclosure complaint in Coral Springs FL or any city/town in South Florida, you have twenty days to respond.   After you respond to the Complaint, the Bank will either file a response to your complaint or serve you with discovery.   It is very important to carefully review your complaint to determine whether you have any strong defenses in your case.  Banks tend to move most foreclosure actions at a fast pace and if you don’t file a response with strong defenses, you could face the unfortunate reality of losing your home. Do not fall victim to the Bank’s attempt to take your home.  Call the Law Offices of Brian P. Kowal, PA today at (954) 990-7552.  Brian has defended hundreds of foreclosures in Coral Springs FL and South Florida.   He has helped many homeowners keep their properties allowing them to hold on to their American Dream.