In an Commercial Eviction Tenant Florida, a Commercial Landlord must strictly follow Florida Statute 83.

If a Commercial Tenant has failed to pay their monthly rent,  the following steps must be taken:

  1. Commercial Landlord needs to serve the Commercial Tenant with a 3 day notice. The Commercial Landlord can proceed with filing an Complaint if the Commercial Tenant fails to pay rent or vacate.
  2. The Commercial Tenant has 5 days to respond upon being served with the Complaint. Depending on the response filed by, the Court may set the case for Mediation or a Final Hearing.
  3. If the Court finds that the Commercial Tenant’s response does not allege any legal grounds against the Complaint, the Commercial Landlord can file a Motion to Strike the Defendant’s response and enter a Final Judgment of Eviction against the Commercial Tenant.
  4. The Clerk will sign a Writ of Possession once a Final Judgment is entered, the Clerk will sign a Writ of Possession. Once the Writ of Possession is signed, the Clerk of Court will then send the Writ of Possession to the Sheriff. The Sheriff will then post a 24 hour notice on the Commercial Tenant’s door.

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