A Real Estate Lawyer is essential to your Real Estate Transaction or Real Estate Dispute.  Due to the complex nature of Real Estate, it is important to have experienced representation.  Therefore,  if you need a Real Estate Lawyer in Coconut Creek Florida, contact our office today at (954) 909-7552.


Buyer and Seller Representation

A. Buyer Representation.  When purchasing a property, a Buyer has to sign a large amount of paperwork.   A Real Estate Lawyer will help you understand the documents you are signing.

B. Seller Representation. A Real Estate Lawyer will review all title commitments and lien searches during the Selling Process. Additionally, they will prepare the closing documents a Seller is required to sign.

Landlord/Tenant Representation (Including Commercial Evictions)

A. Landlords. A Real Estate Lawyer can handle the entire Eviction Process.

B. Tenants. A Real Estate Lawyer will represent a Tenant against an Eviction.  Additionally, a Real Estate Lawyer will send notices to the Landlord that have failed to follow the lease.

Foreclosure Defense (Residential and Commercial)

A. Defending Against Bank Foreclosures. A Real Estate Attorney will represent you against a Foreclosure. In addition, they will negotiate with the bank to help you keep your property.

B. Loss Mitigation. A Real Estate Lawyer will help with the Loan Modification Process. In other words, if a Homeowner’s goal is to keep their home, a Real Estate Attorney will communicate with the Bank on your behalf.

C. Short Sales.  A short sale allows a Homeowner to sell their home for less than they owe on their Mortgage.  This is beneficial to a Homeowner because once a Short Sale is approved, they will not owe the Bank any money.    A Real Estate Lawyer will determine if a Short Sale is your best option.

A Real Estate can help you Establish Ownership by Filing a Quiet Title Action

A Quiet Title Action allows the Courts to recognize the actual owner of a property.  This is important because it allows a person to sell their property with clear title.  In other words, Title can be transferred free of any liens or judgments.

A Real Estate Attorney can defend you during an Escrow Dispute

An Escrow Dispute arises when a Title Company does not release the escrow deposit because a Buyer or Seller refuses to sign a release.    A Real Estate Lawyer in Coconut Creek, Florida will help negotiate a settlement without filing a lawsuit.   This saves time and money.

A Real Estate Attorney can help you Transfer your Property by Preparing a Deed

A Homeowner can transfer their interest in their property to another person.  This process is made possible through a Deed.  There are different types of deeds.   These include a Quitclaim Deed, Warranty Deed, Special Warranty Deed etc.  A Real Estate Lawyer will prepare the deed that transfers your interest.

For the reasons above, Brian Kowal, Esq. can assist you with your Real Estate needs. Therefore, if you live in Coconut Creek, Florida and need a Real Estate Lawyer, contact our office today at (954) 990-7552.