Purchasing a property is one of the most important investments that a person may ever make. Many times, the Buyer will go into the Process of purchasing a home solely with the guidance of a Realtor.  Although a Realtor can be beneficial in locating the home that you want to purchase, this is only a small part of the process.

After a Buyer finds a home to purchase in Broward County, a Buyer will then submit an offer to purchase the property.  Before submitting the offer, the Buyer has the option of seeking the guidance of a Real Estate Attorney in Broward County to review the terms of the offer as well as discuss with the Buyer any legal risks associated with their purchase   If the Real Estate Attorney determines that the terms of the Buyer’s offer are acceptable, the Buyer will submit the offer to the Seller.

If the Seller accepts the Buyer’s offer, the second phase of the buying process will take place.  If the Buyer is purchasing the property in cash and is not taking out a mortgage, the Real Estate Attorney will be given the opportunity to review the Title Commitment and Lien search and ultimately review any of the paperwork that the Buyer is required to sign at the closing table.  The Law Office of Brian P. Kowal, PA is always present at every closing when they are representing the Buyer.   Our office believes that the representation of a Buyer should never end prior to a closing.

If a Buyer is not paying for a property in cash, they will likely apply for a Mortgage to purchase the property.  In the event that the Buyer is approved for a mortgage, the advantage of retaining a Real Estate Attorney in Broward County is that a Real Estate Attorney will review all the pages of the Mortgage that the Buyer is required to sign.  This is extremely important due to the large amount of paperwork that a Lender sends to the Buyer to sign at closing.

The Home buying process can be stressful for a Buyer.   From the beginning of the process to the closing table, a Buyer is required to make several important decisions.  If you are represented by a Real Estate Attorney in Broward County, you will be able to make these decisions with the assistance of an experienced Legal Professional that can help you with your purchase.  If you are in the Process of purchasing a property in Broward County, contact the Law Office of Brian P. Kowal, PA today at (954) 990-7552.  Our office will represent you from the beginning of the contract to the final signature at the closing table.

Broward County Real Estate Attorney Representation for Sale by Owner

Many Sellers in Broward County decide not to utilize the services of a Real Estate Agent to sell their property but instead sell their property on their own. If a Seller decides not to hire a realtor, they will save on commissions that their Realtor will receive when the property is sold. As the Seller in Broward County is responsible to pay the commissions for both the Realtors on the sale of their home, selling their property without a realtor clearly has its’ economic benefits.

If a Seller proceeds to sell their property without using a Realtor, it is highly recommended that a Seller seek the services of a Real Estate Attorney that can help oversee the process.  The advantage of hiring a Real Estate Attorney in Broward County during a For Sale by Owner (FSBO) transaction is that the Real Estate Attorney will be able to review all the terms of the contract for the Seller and guide them accordingly throughout the process.  If the Buyer is represented by a Real Estate Agent, the Real Estate Agent will only focus on protecting the interests of the Buyer.  If a Seller is not experienced with Real Estate Transactions, there is a possibility that the Seller will make a misinformed decision during the process that could ultimately work against them.

The Law Office of Brian P. Kowal, PA has extensive experience in representing Sellers that do not use Realtors to sell their property. If you are a Homeowner in Broward County and are interested in learning about the benefits of selling your property without the use of a Realtor, contact our office today at (954) 990-7552.