The thought of being served with a Foreclosure Complaint is extremely stressful.  When it actually happens, you begin to think the worst possible scenario and that your options are limited.   This is not true.   It is important that if you are served with a Foreclosure Complaint in Broward County FL and your ultimate goal is to try and keep your property, it is essential that you obtain representation from a Foreclosure Defense Attorney that will fight for you at all levels of the Lawsuit.

There are many reasons to hire a Foreclosure Defense Attorney in Broward County FL.

  1. If you are Trying to modify your mortgage but the Banks are not responding
  2. If you have legitimate defenses to the Foreclosure Lawsuit
  3. If you are concerned that the Bank will come after you for a Deficiency Judgment
  4. If you need additional time to determine whether you want to modify your mortgage or proceed with selling your property through a Short Sale.

A highly experienced Foreclosure Defense Attorney in Broward County FL will understand that time is of the essence when dealing with the Banks.   If you don’t act quickly, the Bank will fight to take your home.    If you are a homeowner in Broward County and are either facing foreclosure or have been served with a Foreclosure Complaint, call the Law Offices of Brian P. Kowal, PA today.  Brian has made it a point to provide all his clients in Foreclosure the best representation that they deserve.   Brian can be reached at (954) 990-7552 seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.   You can also email him at