1. 6 Reasons to Hire Eviction Attorneys in Boca Raton

A Boca Raton Tenant Eviction Attorney will protect you rights.

Although Landlords and Tenants have rights under Florida law, lack of legal representation could hurt you.

You can minimize mistakes and risks. While some cases go smoothly, others involve complex issues.  As a result, the Process may take longer.   Therefore, it is important to speak to Experienced Eviction Lawyers.

Whether you are a Landlord or a Tenant, you will gain value from Eviction Attorneys in Boca Raton. Most importantly, we maintain a high standard of service with a commitment to fair process and ethical practices. Learn why you need to hire Eviction Attorneys in Boca Raton.

2.  Our Lawyers Minimize Mistakes and Risk 

Landlords are exposed to risks.   While they have rights, the system also protects Tenants. Without complying with the lease, some can find it difficult to Evict a Tenant.

Therefore, if you need to Evict a tenant, or have been served with a notice, you need to hire Eviction Attorneys in Boca Raton.   With our office, you will minimize risk and have confidence knowing that your case will be handled with care.

3Representing Landlords can Result in a Stress-Free Eviction

Benefits of hiring a Boca Raton tenant ejection lawyer

Whether you’re a residential or a commercial tenant or landlord, you need an Eviction Attorney in Boca Raton to protect your rights.

Even when all procedures are followed, the Process can be stressful. This is true for Landlords and Tenants.  For example:

Because there are two different perspectives, there is often conflict in the middle.  We provide representation for Landlords and Tenants and have helped hundreds of clients to reach settlements or judgments.

You shouldn’t have to struggle through the Process. Contact us for a free consultation and find out how we can eliminate personal stress during an Eviction Dispute.

Most Landlords and Tenants are not familiar with the System. Therefore, it is important that you hire Eviction Lawyers in Boca Raton to guide your through the Process. Our Attorneys will ensure that you have a solid case if you are disputing an Eviction or attempting to Evict.

5The Best Lawyers for Tenant Eviction in Boca Raton are Affordable

People have a misconception that Lawyers are expensive. The reality is that there are affordable Lawyers Tenant Eviction in Boca Raton, and Brian Kowal remains competitive with firms in the area.

Finances can be tight. As a result, we offer a Flat Fee for Eviction Attorney Services.  We aim for a favorable outcome without placing unnecessary financial stress on clients. Talk to us to discuss our flat fees for your unique case.

6Lawyers with Court Room Experience

If your case goes to Court, you will need representation. We have been successful in removing Tenants through the Process.  The Law Office of Brian P. Kowal, P.A. are the best Eviction Attorneys in Boca Raton with extensive knowledge of the system.

7. You are a Tenant and Your Rights Are Being Infringed Upon

If you have been served, it’s time to schedule a meeting for Attorney Tenant Eviction in Boca Raton.

You may have grounds to object if:

  • You withheld rent because they failed to maintain the property.  For example, if they failed to remove the mold, you can give them a 7 day notice.
  • They cut off utilities to try and remove you.  In other words, they attempted to Evict you illegally. Accordingly, this violates 83.67As a result, you can demand three times the amount of rent from the Judge.  While these cases are rare, we have experience with them.
  • Your Landlord has changed locks or barred access to the home.  This is known as a Constructive Eviction.
  • Your Landlord engaged in retaliatory conduct.  For example, if you complain to the County that they are not maintaining your property and they begin proceedings.

8. Contact Your Eviction Attorneys in Boca Raton for a Free Consultation

Contact a tenant eviction lawyer in Boca Raton, Florida today

Our Eviction lawyers in Boca Raton are waiting to help you recieve fair treatment.

You can get effective and affordable representation by contacting Brian Kowal.  Contact us for a free consultation and have peace of mind knowing that you will be represented by the Best Eviction Attorney in South Florida.

9. Resources and References

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