Contract Law

Our office has seen too many businesses either fall apart or end up in litigation because they were not set up properly. It is essential to create a detailed and binding contract from the business’s formation in order to avoid costly litigation down the line. We have extensive experience in drafting documents including partnership agreements, operating agreements, and shareholder agreements providing a framework for the Business’s everyday operation.
The team at the Law Office of Brian Kowal, P.A. is highly experienced in business litigation and contract law. Seek counsel whenever you are signing or reviewing a business contract or agreement.

Bad business contracts can be financially devastating. Ensure you are protected by seeking counsel from Brian Kowal, P.A.

Learn about various forms of contract law, and contact the Law Office of Brian P. Kowal, P.A. if you need counsel or representation relating to an agreement you’ve entered or are preparing to sign.

Shareholder Agreements

A shareholder agreement will establish the terms, responsibilities, and rights of shareholders in a private corporation. If you are planning to distribute shares to partners or employees in your company, it is essential that you have a shareholder agreement in place.

Operating Agreements

Any company with limited liability needs to outline its financial and functional decisions, regulations, rules, and provisions. An operating agreement will protect the company and all parties who are invested (financially or otherwise). Our team can draft and develop your operating agreement or provide representation during disputes.

Partnership Agreements

A partnership agreement is not mandatory for your business, but it is recommended that you have one to protect individual investments. An agreement can also outline the division of labor between all partners. Contracts should be detailed and itemized to eliminate ambiguity.

Business Closings

Business sales and subsequent closings must be supported by legal documentation to protect the interests of all parties. Closings can be complex, both in terms of the nature of the business, and the legal coverage that will be necessary. Avoid financial loss and future disputes with the help of the Law Office of Brian P. Kowal, P.A.

Business Plans

Business development plans outline organizational goals, distribution of labor and responsibilities, operating strategies, and other key aspects of growing a business. A business plan can be developed with the help of a contract attorney to ensure that it is compliant with accepted standards and any applicable regulations.

Investment Agreements

Contract law terms can be complex and at times confusing, with the consequences of entering a bad contract being severe. Let our contract lawyers handle the stress for you.

Commercial investments of any size should be protected by a contract that establishes the terms of the investment. Ambiguity is a common pitfall of agreements that are drafted without legal counsel. Ensure that your agreement meets the needs of all parties by working with the Law Office of Brian P. Kowal, P.A.

Website Agreements

Operating a website can help you to grow your business and serve your target market. However, with increased regulation, it’s essential that you meet your legal obligations in every jurisdiction where you offer services. The recent implementation of GDPR rules is a prime example of where your website agreement and operating strategy would need to adapt to meet regulations, even in a foreign market.
Our legal services will ensure that you are compliant, with a website agreement or terms of service that is suitable for your industry.

An Efficient and Affordable Contract Law Team in Florida

The team at the Law Office of Brian Kowal, P.A. is highly experienced in business litigation and contract law. If you need expert representation or counsel, relating to any contract, we can assist. Contact us today at 954-990-7552 and enjoy our efficient service at affordable rates.

The best legal advice will protect your interests and limit any damage caused by a business contract.

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