How can you evict your Tenant that Illegally Subleased their Unit?

Some Tenants lease their unit or apartment to another individual.  They are known as a Subtenant.  While this can be beneficial to the Tenant, it can also be risky. In other words, they can face eviction if the lease is not legal. If you have questions about how to evict [...]

When can a Landlord file a Motion to Lift the Stay on a Writ of Possession?

A Writ of Possession is sent to the Sheriff after a Final Judgment.  It is then posted on the door of the property.  While most Tenants vacate after receiving the Writ, some choose to fight it.   If they are successful, it will be stayed.  However, this relief does not always [...]

How does a Landlord Evict an unauthorized guest in Florida?

Florida Tenants often allow friends or family members to stay with them during their lease.  These guests are usually not approved by the Landlord.  Unfortunately, issues arise causing the Tenant to vacate the property or the lease has ended but their guest remains.   As a result, the Landlord can proceed [...]

Steps Florida Landlords need to take once Eviction Moratorium expires

Florida Tenants have been given relief for the last year and a half due to the Covid-19.  The Moratorium on Evictions continued for over a year and a half.  However, on July 30, 2021, Congress was unable to reach a deal extending it.  Therefore, on August 2, 2021, Landlords can [...]

How Florida Lawyers help Homeowners in Foreclosure that have Equity

In the past, most Florida Homeowners in Foreclosure owed more to the Bank than the value of their home.   When they chose to sell it, it was usually a Short Sale.   However, due to the rising home prices, they may have found themselves in a position to make a profit.  [...]