How to Evict a Florida Tenant for illegal activity

When a Florida Landlord and a Tenant enter into a lease, they agree to abide by it's terms.  However, there are some that engage in illegal activity in the property that constitute grounds for termination.   While a Landlord can proceed with eviction, they must follow important steps.  Therefore,  if you [...]

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Should a Broward Landlord Settle with their Tenant?

Broward Landlords face the reality of having Tenants that fail to pay rent.  As a result, they have to decide if they will settle with them or proceed with Eviction.  Both choices greatly impact them.  If you are a Broward Landlord unsure about settling with their Tenant, contact the Law [...]

Can a Broward Landlord Collect Rent after Terminating a Month-to-Month Lease?

A Broward Landlord can terminate a Month-to-Month Lease by giving notice.  They can also accept rent anytime before it expires.  The uncertainty arises if they accept it after.  If you are unsure your right to collect Rent after Terminating a Month-to-Month Lease,  contact the Law Office of Brian P. Kowal, [...]

Does the CDC Order Prevent Broward Landlords from Evicting Tenants?

Unless you have not been watching the news, you are aware that the Coronavirus has affected Florida Landlords and Tenants.  The Courts are flooded with Evictions.  Landlords have been forced to deal with the unfortunate reality that many Tenants are not paying rent.  To provide safeguards to Tenants affected by [...]

Foreclosure Defense Lawyers in Lauderhill Florida

FORECLOSURE DEFENSE LAWYERS IN LAUDERHILL FLORIDA WILL FIGHT FOR YOU Since the Recession in 2008, the Real Estate Market in Lauderhill Florida has gone through different phases.  After a period of growth, some Homeowners have started to default on their mortgage.  As a result, Lenders have initiated Foreclosures.  While the [...]

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