When Should a Florida Landlord file a Motion to Strike?

Once a Tenant responds to the Complaint, a Landlord needs to determine how to move the case to a Final Hearing.   Unfortunately, without knowledge of the Process, their case can end up in the wrong direction.  Therefore, their best option is to hire a Florida Eviction Lawyer.  If you have [...]

Can a Landlord Evict if they fail to make repairs?

Florida Law requires Landlords to make certain repairs.  They can also be agreed to in the lease. While failure to do so is a breach of the lease, they can still evict if they fail to make repairs.   If you have questions about your rights as a Landlord, contact the [...]

How do you remove Occupants after an Association Foreclosure Sale?

If a Homeowner fails to pay their Maintenance or Assessments, an Association can foreclose on them.  As a result, their property will be set for Sale. After a successful purchaser becomes the new owner, they need to remove the occupants.  However, it can be a lengthy process if they do [...]

Eviction Tips for South Florida Commercial Landlords

The Florida Commercial Eviction Process is not always straight forward.   Therefore, it is important to speak to a South Florida Commercial Eviction Attorney.  For representation and Eviction tips for South Florida Commercial Landlords, contact the Law Office of Brian  P. Kowal, PA at (954) 990-7552. Eviction Tips for South Florida [...]

How Florida Residential Landlords Can Protect themselves

Florida Residential Landlords can have issues with Tenants.  It comes with the territory.  While it is true they do not know when a problem may arise, they should be prepared.   If you have questions about how Florida Residential Landlords can protect themselves, contact the Law Office of Brian P. Kowal, [...]