Eviction Attorney in Lighthouse Point Florida

The Eviction Process can be stressful for Landlords and Tenants. Not understanding your rights can result in a unfortunate situation for either side. Therefore, it is important that you hire a Law Firm that has experience representing Landlords and Tenants.  If you need an Eviction Attorney in Lighthouse Point Florida, [...]

Selling For Sale By Owner (FSBO) in Florida with a Real Estate Attorney

“For Sale By Owner,” often shortened to FSBO, is selling your house without the help of a Real Estate Agent. Instead of hiring an agent to prepare the listing and arrange showings, Homeowners will be responsible for all tasks.  This process can also be made easier if they use [...]

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Why you should a Hire an Eviction Lawyer in Wilton Manors Florida  The relationship between a Landlord and their Tenant is not always peaceful. Issues occur that lead to Litigation. While most Landlords and Tenants are aware that they have rights, they do not always know how to defend themselves [...]

Foreclosure Defense Lawyer in Sunrise Florida

The Biggest mistake that many Homeowners in Foreclosure make is that they wait too long.   What does that mean?  While it is true that a Foreclosure is not an overnight process, it does have an ending.  Therefore, once they are served, they should consult a Foreclosure Defense Lawyer.  The [...]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Annual and Month-to-Month Leases for a Florida Landlord

There are generally two types of Residential Leases:  Annual and Month-to-Month Leases.   While both are beneficial for a Landlord, our office recommends an Annual Lease.  Therefore, if you are a Landlord and have questions about the type of lease that best protects you, contact the Law Office of Brian [...]