When Should a Florida Landlord file a Motion to Strike?

Once a Tenant responds to the Complaint, a Landlord needs to determine how to move the case to a Final Hearing.   Unfortunately, without knowledge of the Process, their case can end up in the wrong direction.  Therefore, their best option is to hire a Florida Eviction Lawyer.  If you have [...]

Is It Beneficial to Fight a Foreclosure in Florida?

As a Result of the Coronavirus, Foreclosures are increasing in Florida.  Some Homeowners may have lost their job or had a reduction in pay preventing them from paying their mortgage.  Recently, the Banks have started to file new foreclosures in Court or continue with pending cases.  This has created urgency [...]

Can You Sue a Tenant for Damage to the Property After they Leave?

It is without question that some Tenants fail to leave the property in good condition when they vacate.  There are cases that it is left completely damaged.  While unfortunate, a Landlord can sue a Tenant for Damage to the property after they leave. If you have questions about your rights [...]

How do I respond to an Eviction Complaint in the State of Florida?

  Served with an Eviction? The Law Office of Brian P. Kowal, PA is waiting to help you fight, stay or delay eviction.  Do not wait until it's too late. How Should a Tenant Respond to an Eviction? After they are served with a 3 day notice, [...]

Can a Landlord Evict if they fail to make repairs?

Florida Law requires Landlords to make certain repairs.  They can also be agreed to in the lease. While failure to do so is a breach of the lease, they can still evict if they fail to make repairs.   If you have questions about your rights as a Landlord, contact the [...]