How do you handle an Escrow Dispute in Broward County?

Unfortunately, not every Residential Closing goes as planned.  A Buyer may not get approved for a loan due to unforeseen circumstances.  Accordingly, if the Seller does not agree to extend the closing date, the deposit may be in jeopardy.  Therefore, if you are involved in an Escrow Dispute in Broward [...]

Can a Landlord change the Locks to the Property during a Tenancy?

Absolutely Not.  While it can be stressful to have a Tenant that is late with rent, a Landlord cannot change the locks during a lease.  Unfortunately, many choose to go this route resulting in penalties.   As a result, they can end up paying thousands of dollars.   Therefore, [...]

Commercial Eviction Process in Florida

The Florida Commercial Eviction Process is better handled by an Attorney.  If a Tenant fails to pay, the Landlord can give them a 3 day notice.  After the 3 days,  they can file an Eviction. If they fail to respond, they can file a Motion for Default. [...]

Is it possible to collect past due rent from a Commercial Tenant that was evicted?

The unfortunate part of being a Commercial Landlord is having a Tenant that fails to pay rent.  It makes no difference if you are the most generous Landlord and have given them a hundred chances.  The reality is you will need to proceed with the Commercial Eviction Process to remove [...]

What should a Florida Landlord do if a Tenant terminates their lease early?

A Tenant pays rent until their lease terminates.   However, circumstances can change that will cause them to leave before it ends.  Fortunately, a Landlord's Options if a Tenant Vacates the Lease Early are stated in Florida Statute.   If you have a Tenant that has left but still owes [...]