Accepting Rental Assistance Affects the Florida Eviction Process

Landlords continue to have difficultly collecting rent.  Tenants still have not recovered financially as the Pandemic maintains its hold on the Economy.  This has led to an increasing number of Evictions.   In response, the Government has created Rental Assistance programs.  While some Tenants do not get approved, others have qualified.  [...]

South Florida Partition Lawyers

Property is owned individually or by more than one person.  Accordingly, if there is only one owner, less issues will arise when the time to sell happens.  On the other hand, problems occur when one owner wants to sell and the others object.   If you own a property with another [...]

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Why Subleasing in Florida is a Bad Idea

In the last two years, the rental market has changed drastically.  Landlords are renting their properties at historic rates.  As a result, Tenants are subletting their apartments or allowing friends to stay with them to help with expenses.    While at first it may be beneficial, it could hurt them [...]

How do you remove a Seller that refuses to leave the home after the closing in Florida?

Try to envision the following scenario: It is the day of closing and the Buyer has just signed their loan documents.  The Title Company sends them to the Lender for Approval.  After they receive approval, they send out proceeds to the Seller.  The Seller informs the Buyer that they need [...]

A Florida Landlord cannot turn off Tenant Utilities if they fail to pay rent

The biggest issue Landlords face is Tenants that fail to pay rent.  While it can be frustrating, the consequences can be worse if they start cutting off services.  Accordingly, a Landlord cannot turn off Tenant Utilities if they fail to pay rent.  If you unsure about your rights as a [...]