Since 2008, Margate experienced a high number of Foreclosures. While it has recovered, there are still Homeowners that fail to pay their mortgage.  Therefore, if you are in Foreclosure, contact your Margate Florida Foreclosure Defense Lawyers. How can a Foreclosure Defense Lawyer Benefit You When you are served, it is [...]

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The Advantages of Hiring a Deerfield Beach Fl Real Estate Lawyer

There are several advantages of hiring a Deerfield Beach Fl Real Estate Lawyer.  These advantages are addressed below.    There are several areas of Law that a Real Estate Lawyer can handle.  These include: Foreclosure Defense Representing Buyers and Sellers during the Closing Process Representing Landlords and Tenants  Partition Actions [...]


Florida Real Estate Law covers several areas.  This includes Representing Sellers and Buyers, Foreclosure Defense, Representing Landlords and Tenants, Quiet Title Actions, Partition Actions, Escrow Disputes, and Unlawful Detainers.   Therefore, if you need a Real Estate Lawyer contact our office at (954) 990-7552. How your Real Estate Lawyer in [...]

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Broward County Eviction Lawyers

The Eviction Process can be stressful for any Landlord. When a Tenant fails to pay rent, the Landlord loses a substantial amount of income.  However, the Landlord will be able to recoup their loss by leasing the property to a new Tenant if the Eviction is quick and efficient.  [...]

How do I respond to Eviction Complaint in Broward County

A Tenant needs to be careful when responding to Eviction Complaint in Florida.  The success of a Tenant's case depends heavily on their response. On the other hand, a Tenant's failure to respond can be disastrous as a Final Judgment of Eviction will entered against them.  As a result, they [...]