The hiring of an Experienced Eviction Lawyer is essential for Landlords and Tenants. The Eviction Process can be stressful and time consuming.  The long term of effects of not having representation from an Experienced Lawyer can be costly.  Therefore, it is important to contact a Lawyer that focuses solely on [...]

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Tenant’s Rights Attorney Pompano Beach, Florida

If you are a Tenant in Pompano Beach, Florida and your Landlord has violated the lease, how should you protect your rights? It is true that Landlords in Florida have more protections than Tenants.  While Tenant's rights are limited, they do have certain rights against the Landlord.   A Tenant's [...]

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Need to evict a Commercial Tenant in Florida

To evict a Commercial Tenant in the State of Florida, a Commercial Landlord must strictly follow Florida Statute 83. If a Commercial Tenant has failed to pay their monthly rent to the Commercial Landlord, a Commercial Landlord needs to serve the Commercial Tenant with a three (3) day notice. [...]

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