Oakland Park Florida Foreclosure Defense Lawyers

THE BENEFIT OF HIRING A FORECLOSURE DEFENSE LAWYER IN OAKLAND PARK FLORIDA The Real Estate World is changing.  Unfortunately, there are an increasing number of Oakland Park Homeowners in Foreclosure.  While this has created insecurity, it does not mean you will lose your property.  If you have not paid your [...]


How Pembroke Pines Florida Foreclosure Defense Lawyers Helps Homeowners The Foreclosure Process can be stressful.  Not having representation enables the Lenders to move the case through the courts.  Therefore, if you are in Foreclosure or have fallen behind on your mortgage, contact your Pembroke Pines Florida Foreclosure Defense Lawyers at [...]

What Happens if a Landlord accepts rent after a Lease Terminates in Florida?

Not every Landlord decides to renew the Lease.  As a result, if a Florida Tenant remains after it terminates, they will no longer receive the same protections.  While this can be frustrating for a Tenant, failure to vacate can have consequences.  If the Landlord accepts rent after the lease terminates, [...]

Understanding a Florida Commercial Tenant’s Right to Withhold Rent

Not every Commercial Landlord/Tenant Relationship goes smoothly.  This could be due to several factors.   However, just because problems occur, a Commercial Tenant does not have absolute authority to withhold rent.  While a Landlord may fail to maintain or repair violations, a Tenant must follow 83.201 if they choose to withhold.  [...]

Can a Florida Commercial Landlord use self-help to remove a Commercial Tenant?

Florida Commercial Landlords must be careful before changing the locks prior to the termination of a lease. They may be subject to damages if they engage in Self-Help activity. Therefore, if you have questions about a Florida Commercial Landlord's use of Self-Help, contact the Law Office of Brian P. Kowal, [...]