A Florida Landlord cannot turn off Tenant Utilities if they fail to pay rent

The biggest issue Landlords face is Tenants that fail to pay rent.  While it can be frustrating, the consequences can be worse if they start cutting off services.  Accordingly, a Landlord cannot turn off Tenant Utilities if they fail to pay rent.  If you unsure about your rights as a [...]

Can Florida Real Estate Investors benefit from Legal Representation?

Time is crucial for South Florida Real Estate Investors.  The longer a process takes, the greater the financial affect they feel.  Accordingly, issues arise that require Legal Representation.  This includes the purchase and sales of properties, Foreclosures, Evictions, and Preparation of Legal Documents.   To learn how South Florida Real Estate [...]

When Should a Florida Landlord file a Motion to Strike?

Once a Tenant responds to the Complaint, a Landlord needs to move the case to a Final Hearing.   Unfortunately, without knowledge of the Process, it can end up in the wrong direction.  Therefore, their best option is to hire a Florida Eviction Lawyer.  If you have questions about when should [...]

How can you evict your Tenant that Illegally Subleased their Unit?

Some Tenants lease their unit or apartment to another individual.  They are known as a Subtenant.  While this can be beneficial to the Tenant, it can also be risky. In other words, they can face eviction if the lease is not legal. If you have questions about how to evict [...]

When can a Landlord file a Motion to Lift the Stay on a Writ of Possession?

A Writ of Possession is sent to the Sheriff after a Final Judgment.  It is then posted on the door of the property.  While most Tenants vacate after receiving the Writ, some choose to fight it.   If they are successful, it will be stayed.  However, this relief does not always [...]