Tenant’s Rights Attorney Pompano Beach, Florida

If you are a Tenant in Pompano Beach, Florida and your Landlord has violated the lease, how should you protect your rights? It is true that Landlords in Florida have more protections than Tenants.  While Tenant's rights are limited, they do have certain rights against the Landlord.   A Tenant's [...]

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Commercial Eviction Tenant Florida

In an Commercial Eviction Tenant Florida, a Commercial Landlord must strictly follow Florida Statute 83. If a Commercial Tenant has failed to pay their monthly rent,  the following steps must be taken: Commercial Landlord needs to serve the Commercial Tenant with a 3 day notice. The Commercial Landlord can [...]

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Can a Tenant stop a Writ of Possession in Broward County?

When a Final Judgment of Eviction is granted by a Judge, a Writ of Possession is then signed by the Clerk of Court. After the Clerk signs the Writ of Possession, the Clerk sends the Writ to the Sheriff. The Sheriff will then post the Writ of Possession on the [...]

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Does a Commerical Landlord need an Attorney when Filing an Eviction in Broward County?

A Commercial Landlord does not always need an Attorney in Broward County.  The Commercial Landlord can file the final paperwork if the Tenant does not file a response.  A Writ of Possession is the issued after the Judge signs the Final Default Judgment. The Writ gives the Tenant 24 hours [...]

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