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Considering Florida’s complex landlord-tenant laws, both landlords and tenants need sufficient representation by a skilled lease termination attorney during an eviction in Broward County.

Don’t begin the eviction process without talking to experienced legal professionals. Flat fee representation is available from Brian Kowal lawyer tenant eviction in Broward County.

The eviction process might seem simple on the surface, however, ask any experienced landlord, and they will tell you that some evictions are much less than amicable.

Landlords need representation, especially when considering Florida’s often complex laws. Eviction attorneys Broward County will minimize exposure to risk, with all procedures carried out within the existing law.

If you need to evict a tenant but have received an objection or any other legal obstacle, it’s essential that you talk to Brian Kowal lawyer tenant eviction in Broward County.

Brian Kowal has helped hundreds of landlords and tenants to navigate the eviction process swiftly and with favorable outcomes.

Learn how our law firm can help you to complete an eviction with as little complication as possible.

Are You Within Your Rights to Evict a Tenant?

When establishing the facts and the current situation, Brian Kowal eviction lawyers will determine whether you are within your legal rights to initiate eviction proceedings.

Lease agreements typically include grounds for termination, but there are Florida Statute legal protections to cover the interests of both landlords and tenants. You can use these statutes to indicate whether or not the eviction you are planning is valid.

Eviction is typically lawful if:

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Even if the grounds for eviction are clear, landlords should follow the correct process as an unlawful eviction could result in a lawsuit.

  • The tenant has remained in the property after the expiration of the lease agreement. This is relevant whether or not they continue to pay rent. If you do not accept rent and serve an eviction notice, the tenant is legally obligated to vacate the property.
  • The tenant has breached any material aspect of the original lease agreement. This could include housing unauthorized pets or guests, or using the property for unlawful activity.
  • The tenant has defaulted on rent and failed to pay the arrears, even when being served with notice. Three days written notice to pay a missed rent is enough to initiate the eviction process.

Even while the above are grounds for eviction, it’s still critical that you follow the correct process. Sometimes, interpretation of the law or the valid reasons for eviction can be cloudy. If you have any hesitation or uncertainty, it’s especially important that you talk to Brian Kowal lawyer tenant eviction in Broward County.

An unlawful eviction could result in a lawsuit or a stay of eviction from the courts. Tenants have several reasons to sue a landlord, so it’s essential you protect yourself. Protracted disputes can also impact on your professional and family life.

In short, eviction can quickly become overwhelming and stressful if you make any missteps. Think of Broward County eviction attorneys as a type of safety net. Brian Kowal, P.A. will consult with you and provide relevant legal advice, which will minimize your risk.

Why It’s Important to Choose Local Eviction Attorneys Broward County

Landlord-tenant laws are similar throughout the United States, but there are unique elements between jurisdictions. If you need representation during an eviction case, it’s essential that you choose a local attorney who has exposure to and a deep understanding of the Broward County court system and Florida laws.

Brian Kowal, P.A. has worked with hundreds of clients, including both tenants and landlords, to resolve eviction issues. Eviction proceedings are rarely as simple as they seem on paper. Intricacies of the law and the required steps can catch many people off guard.

Brian Kowal lawyer tenant eviction in Broward County will:

  • Take the time to understand your needs and the outcome you desire. Whether you are a tenant or landlord, objectives and expectations will be set.
  • Review all relevant legal protection related to your case. Although the law is clear, interpretation of it, and the facts surrounding your unique case can have an impact on the outcome of an eviction dispute.
  • Provide ongoing support throughout the process. You can talk to a lawyer when you have questions or concerns. All non-clerical work is handled by an eviction attorney Broward County.
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    Contact the law office of Brian Kowal, P.A. – the best tenant eviction attorneys in Broward County – to have your eviction rights protected.

  • Identify ways to mitigate damage, even if the outcome is not what is expected. For example, in cases of tenants who dispute an eviction, it is sometimes possible to reduce the rent that is owed, depending on the circumstances. For landlord clients, Brian Kowal, P.A. will limit financial losses as much as possible.
  • Move towards a private settlement if it is in the best interests of the client. Avoiding the court system can save both time and money.

Brian Kowal attorney tenant eviction in Broward County offers a flat fee for eviction services. This puts effective representation within the reach of tenants and landlords, even those with limited means.

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Both landlords and tenants will appreciate the competitive rates at Brian Kowal lawyer tenant eviction in Broward County. You can start discussing your situation with no risk and no obligation. Call today for a free consultation and expert legal advice from a highly experienced Florida eviction attorney.

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