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Tenant removal legal representation in Fort Lauderdale

For both sides of the dispute, a Fort Lauderdale Tenant Eviction Lawyer is crucial.

Brian Kowal Tenant Eviction Attorneys in Fort Lauderdale FL are ready to advise and advocate regarding the Florida Eviction Process.

The Process is filled with requirements that most Tenants are not familiar with. In addition, Landlords also have trouble ensuring that they are acting within their rights.

For either side, the Process is stressful and time-consuming. The Law Office of Brian P. Kowal, PA Lawyer Tenant Eviction in Fort Lauderdale keeps things simple while being your advocate and legal representative.

If you find yourself in the Eviction Process, you’ll need Eviction Attorneys Fort Lauderdale. The Law Office of Brian P. Kowal, PA is available to give affordable and effective representation.

Landlords Can Minimize Risk with a Lawyer Tenant Eviction in Fort Lauderdale

There’s always risk in the Process. Even if they act in good faith, Tenants can bring claims that reduce the amount of rent owed or even invalidate an eviction notice. They may also sue for retaliation, illnesses and injuries caused by poor maintenance, or other breaches of a lease agreement.

Regardless if you feel that acted within the law, you will need representation.   The Law Office of Brian P. Kowal, PA has extensive experience in Attorney Tenant Eviction in Fort Lauderdale. You will minimize risk and any missteps that can occur when you are unfamiliar with the legal system. Brian Kowal is experienced in court processes relating to the Landlord/Tenant relationship.

What are the Valid Causes for Removal of Tenants?

Landlord-tenant law in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Rent default in Fort Lauderdale is a valid reason for Eviction so long as the proper eviction process has been followed.

Landlords and Tenants can benefit from an understanding of the causes of the removal of Tenants.

  • A Landlord may initiate the Process if a Tenant has remained in the property beyond the expiration of the lease.
  • A rent default is a valid reason for Eviction.  The Landlord must serve the Tenant with a 3 Day Notice.  If they still fail to pay, the Eviction can be filed.
  • Any material breach of the lease agreement can be a valid cause for eviction, providing that the Landlord has served 7 days notice, in writing, to correct the breach.

Interpretation of the law is usually straightforward for the court, but not so much for Tenants and landlords. This is why it’s essential to seek the advice of eviction attorneys Fort Lauderdale.

Can a Tenant Withhold Rent?

Before a Tenant can withhold Rent, they must follow Florida Statute.  While it may seem simple, many find themselves facing Eviction because they did not comply with the Law.   Accordingly, if they find that the Landlord failed to maintain the property or violated the lease, they must serve them with a 7 Days Notice.  If no action is taken within this period, they may withhold rent for the next period until the property is made Tenantable again.

Affordable Eviction Attorneys Fort Lauderdale

Landlords and Tenants can get effective and affordable representation from Tenant Eviction Attorneys in Fort Lauderdale FL.   Call for your free initial consultation and enjoy the professionalism from Tenant Eviction Attorneys in Fort Lauderdale FL.

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