Many believe they can handle the Process without a Lawyer. While there are exceptions, they almost always produce a better result.  Therefore, if you are a Landlord or Tenant, contact your Eviction Lawyer in Weston, Florida at (954) 990-7552.

How an Eviction Lawyer in Weston Florida benefits Landlords and Tenants

A Lawyer representing Landlords needs to be experienced.  This includes serving the 3 Day Notice and filing the required paperwork. On the other hand, if they represent the Tenant, they should know the defenses.  In similar fashion, a Landlord and a Tenant should know the different stages.

Eviction Process:

  1. PHASE 1:  Rent Not Paid. Landlord serves them a 3 Day Notice.   As a result, they must pay or vacate.
  2. PHASE 2:  Tenant does not pay after receiving a 3 Day Notice. The Landlord can file the Complaint.
  3. PHASE 3:  Complaint.  The Tenant has 5 days to respond.   Accordingly, they can file an Answer.  In addition, if they disagree with the amount in the Complaint, they can file a Motion.
  4. PHASE 4: Tenant does not Respond.  A default will be entered. As a result, a  Final Judgment may be signed by the Court.
  5. PHASE 5: Tenant Responds.  The case will be set for mediation or Hearing. In addition,  they may require them to deposit the rent.
  6. PHASE 6:  Hearing.  The Court will rule for the Landlord or the Tenant.  If the Tenant is successful, they can stay.
  7. PHASE 7Writ of Possession.  If the Court rules for the Landlord, the Clerk will sign the Writ.  Thereafter, they send it to the Sherriff.  They post it on the Door.  As a result, they have 24 hours to vacate.

The Benefits of an Eviction Lawyer for Landlords

  1. Sending Notices to Tenants.  For example, if they allow an unauthorized guest to live in the property, they can send them Notice.  In addition, if they want to terminate the lease at the end of the month.
  2. Evicting Tenants that fail to pay.  This is the most common Eviction.
  3. Helping Landlords keep the Deposit.  In other words, we will file a Lawsuit to allow them keep it.
  4. Sending Notices to Tenants to allow them to Enter.  For example, if there is a flood, they need to gain access to inspect the flood.
  5. Preparing Commercial and Residential Leases.

In short, your Eviction Lawyer in Weston Florida provides representation for Landlords.  If you are a Landlord and need assistance, contact our office at (954) 990-7552.

The Benefits of a Tenants Lawyer 

Most do not hire an Attorney. As a result, they end up evicted.  Therefore, when they are served, they should contact a Lawyer.

Services that Your Eviction Lawyer in Weston, Florida provides Tenants

1.  Sending Notices to Landlords.  If they violate the lease, they can send a Termination or Withhold Rent Notice.  This is stated in 83.56 and 83.60.

2.  Responding to Eviction.  They will file an Answer.  Further, if they disagree with the amount in the Complaint, they can file a Motion to Determine Rent.

3.  Help Tenants Recover Security Deposit.  If the Landlord does not follow 83.49, they will have a much easier time keeping it.  For this reason, many are successful.

The hiring of an Eviction Lawyer in Weston Florida is beneficial to Landlords and Tenants.  Therefore, if you are a Landlord or Tenant that needs representation, contact the Law Office of Brian P. Kowal, PA at (954) 990-7552.