Eviction Lawyers In Sunrise Florida – Why Should I hire an Eviction Lawyer?

Most Landlords and Tenants are not experienced with the Eviction Process.  Therefore, it is important to hire Eviction Lawyers in Sunrise Florida.  Contact the Law Office of Brian P. Kowal, PA. to learn about your rights.

How does the Process Work?

  1. Tenant fails to pay rent. The Eviction Lawyer will serve them a 3 day notice.
  2. Tenant pays rent. They can remain in the property.
  3. Tenant vacates.  The Landlord cannot proceed.  In other words, they cannot evict a Tenant that no longer lives in the property.
  4. Tenant fails to vacate but does not pay rent.  The Eviction Lawyer will file the Complaint. Thereafter, a Tenant has 5 days to respond.
  5. Tenant responds and deposits the rent into the Registry.
  6. Final Hearing.   The Judge rules for the Landlord or the Tenant.
  7. Writ of Possession.  The Sherriff posts a 24 hour notice on the door.  As a result, the Tenant must vacate.

What Services does Your Eviction Lawyers in Sunrise Florida provide to Landlords?

If you are a Landlord and need to file an Eviction, contact your Sunrise Eviction Lawyer.

How can Eviction Lawyers assist Tenants?

Most Attorneys do not represent Tenants.  This is due to the laws favoring Landlords. Therefore it is important to speak to a Tenant’s Rights Attorney.

What are my options if I am served with an Eviction Complaint?

  1. Vacate.  If they leave, they cannot be evicted.   As a result, the case has to be dismissed.
  2. Settle.
  3. Respond.

Tenants are entitled to the following notices

  •  3 Day Notices.
  •  7 Day Notice to Cure if they violate a non-monetary provision of the lease.  If they fail to cure it after the 7 Days, the Landlord can proceed with the Eviction.
  • Termination of Lease Notices.  For example, if they want to terminate the a month-to-month lease in October, they must give notice between October 1-15.

Our office provides services to Tenants.  These include: 

  1. Defending against Evictions.
  2. Notices to Landlords.  For instance, Landlords that fail to comply with the terms of the lease that are not related to Rent.
  3. Reviewing Leases.
  4. Deposit Disputes. For example, they can sue their Landlord if they do not place a claim on the Deposit.  Additionally, they can recover their Attorney’s Fees.

Your Eviction Lawyers in Sunrise Florida represent Landlords and Tenants.  Contact our office at (954) 990-7552 if you have questions.