Eviction Lawyers in Davie Florida – The Benefits of Landlord and Tenant Representation

Many Landlords and Tenants believe that not hiring a Lawyer will not impact their case.  While there are exceptions, the benefits outweigh representing yourself.  Besides needing to have an understanding of Florida Statute 83, an Eviction Lawyer will argue for you in Court.  Therefore, if you need representation, contact your Eviction Lawyers Davie, Florida at (954) 990-7552.   We will help you understand your rights.

Why should a Landlord hire an Eviction Lawyers in Davie Florida?

You will be represented from the 3 day notice to the Writ of Possession.  To understand the Process, a Landlord needs to know their rights.  

1.   Tenant fails to pay rent-What is the next step?

  • The Landlord serves a 3 Day Notice. 

2.  Tenant refuses to pay rent but will not vacate after the 3 day notice.  What is the next step?

3.   Final hearing

  • If the Judge orders a Final Hearing, they will rule for the Landlord or the Tenant.
  • If the Landlord is successful, the Judge will sign the Judgment.  In addition, they will order the Clerk to sign the Writ of Possession.
  • The Sheriff will then post a 24 hour notice on the door. As a result, the Tenant will be forced to vacate. 

How else can an Eviction Lawyer be beneficial to Landlords?

  1. Prepare leases. Leases are more detailed and provide greater protections.
  2. Notices to Tenants– An Eviction Lawyer prepares and serves notices.  These include:

An Eviction Lawyer is beneficial in protecting the rights of a Landlord.  Therefore, if you need representation, contact your Eviction Lawyers Davie, Florida at (954) 990-7552.

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If you are not represented by an Eviction Lawyer in Davie Florida, the Process can be stressful.

Why should Tenants hire an Eviction Lawyer?

Most do not realize that they have rights against their Landlord.  Unfortunately, many choose not to hire an Eviction Lawyer.    The good news is that we can help you understand your rights.  These include:

1.         Send 7 Day Notices to Cure.

83.56 and 83.60 allows Tenants to Terminate their lease or withhold rent if they send a 7 day notice.   For Example, the lease may state that the Landlord is responsible to maintain the landscape of the property. As a result, if they fail to maintain the landscape, the Tenant can withhold rent or terminate the lease.

2.          Respond to Complaint.

Tenant can deposit the past due rent into the Court Registry.  In addition, they can file a Motion to Determine Rent or file an Answer.  However, failure to respond can result in a default.

3.          Security Deposit Disputes.

After a Tenant vacates, the Landlord has 15 days to return it or 30 days to impose a claim.   For example, if they vacate on January 15 and it is not sent until February 20, they are entitled it.

The hiring of an Eviction Lawyer in Davie, Florida is essential to achieving the best result.  If you are a Landlord and need representation, contact the Law Office of Brian P. Kowal, PA at (954) 990-7552.