The Eviction Process in Hallandale Beach Florida can be stressful for Landlords and Tenants.  Not understanding your rights can lead to unfortunate results.  Therefore, it is important to hire a Lawyer that can defend your interests.   If you need representation, contact Hallandale Beach Florida Eviction Lawyers at (954) 990-7552.

Services provided to Landlords by Hallandale Beach Florida Eviction Lawyers

Many Landlords believe they can handle the Process without a Lawyer. While there are exceptions, representation from a Hallandale Beach Florida Eviction Lawyer provides more protection.    Our office offers the following services to Landlords:

1.     Eviction

From the service of the 3 Day Notice to the changing of the locks, we handle the entire process.  In the event that it becomes contested, we will represent you in Court.  We also handle Non-Monetary Evictions.  For example, if a Tenant allows an individual to reside in the property but they are not authorized by the Landlord, they can be evicted.

 2.    Lease Preparation

Some Landlords obtain a lease online.  While it may appear adequate, it can work to their detriment.  Therefore, it is important to hire an Attorney that can prepare a lease that is tailored to protect the Landlord.   In other words, we include provisions to ensure that the Tenants bear most of the liability.

 3.    Defense against Lawsuits

After a Tenant vacates, they may sue the Landlord for violations that occurred in the property.  The most common lawsuit is for recover of the Security Deposit. Our office has extensive experience in defending against these lawsuits.

How Hallandale Beach Florida Eviction Lawyers Helps Tenants

1.    Eviction Defense

Our office can defend against any Removal Action.  While we make sure that the Tenant is protected, we also try to settle their case so they can remain in the property.

2.    Notices to Landlords

Florida Statute is designed to provide greater protections for Landlord.  However, if a Tenant discovers that there is a violation in the property, they can provide notice to the Landlord.  This allows them to terminate the lease or withhold rent.

3.   Security Deposit Recovery

If a Landlord fails to give notice or return the deposit, an action can be brought against them.  Our office has represented many Tenants that have not had their deposits returned to them.

Landlords and Tenants will have more success by hiring Hallandale Beach Florida Eviction Lawyers.  If you have questions about the Process or need representation,  contact the Law Office of Brian P. Kowal, PA at (954) 990-7552.