Without representation, a Landlord or a Tenant can be negatively affected by the Eviction Process.  Therefore, it is important that you speak to an Eviction Lawyer.  If you are experiencing issues, contact your Eviction Lawyers Oakland Park Florida at (954) 990-7552.


Our office provides the following services:

1. Non-Payment Evictions.    If a Tenant fails to pay, we send them a 3 Day Notice.  If they still do not pay, we file an Eviction.

2. Non-Monetary Evictions.   A Landlord may attempt to evict a Tenant for their failure to maintain the property.  However, they first have to serve a 7 Day Notice to Cure.  If they fail to cure, they can proceed with the Eviction.

3. Defense against Former Tenants.  Some file lawsuits against their former Landlord for violations that occurred during the lease. For example, they may sue their former Landlord because they failed to remove the mold in the property.

4. Security Deposit Disputes.  When the Tenant vacates, they return the deposit or places a claim on it. As a result of placing a claim, they may sue to recover. Therefore, it is important to speak to our office.

Brian P. Kowal, Esq. fights for Landlords in Oakland Park, Florida.  Contact him if you need representation.


The Law Office of Brian P. Kowal, PA fights for Tenants.  Since our firm is highly qualified, contact our office to learn about your rights.

Services provided:

1. Defense against Evictions.  We defend Tenants that are being evicted. Additionally, we attend mediation and all hearings.

2. Help recover Security Deposit.  A Landlord must return it or place a claim on it.  If they fail to do it within 30 days, the Tenant may recover fees and costs.

3. Notices.  Some send notices to their Landlord for failure to maintain the property.  As a result, they withhold rent or terminate the lease.  However, they must comply with Florida Statute.

To summarize, our office represents Landlords and Tenants.  If you are being sued, Contact your Eviction Lawyers Oakland Park Florida.