Foreclosure Defense Lawyers

We understand that being a Homeowner has always been part of the American Dream. Due to unpredicted circumstances, they can fall behind on their payments resulting in Foreclosure.

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Hiring Short Sale Lawyers in Broward County will keep your best interests on check.

As Covid-19 sweeps Florida, Homeowners are feeling the pressure more than ever. Whether it’s unemployment or medical bills, payments continue to accrue. As Broward Homeowners deal with these circumstances, your Foreclosure Defense Attorneys will advocate on your behalf.

Our Short Sale Lawyers in Broward County have been defending Foreclosures since 2010. We develop a strong defense and require the Lender to prove that they have the right to file the Foreclosure. If you have been served in Broward County, let us fight against the Bank. In addition, we will try to help you keep your home.

Loan Modification Lawyers

We take pride in helping Homeowners save their homes from Foreclosure. There are factors that can cause a Homeowner to default on the mortgage.  These include increased bills and loss of employment.  However, we can negotiate to help you attempt to obtain an affordable payment. We understand that the process can be time-consuming as it is difficult to reach a Bank Representative that will work with you. Our Foreclosure Defense Attorneys handle the entire process from the start to the end. This includes all correspondence with the Lender to ensure that they receive the documentation needed to process a modification. Therefore, if you are a Homeowner and are experiencing difficulty obtaining a modification, we can help.

Short Sale Lawyers

The Foreclosure Process can have undesirable consequences. This includes a Deficiency Judgment that the lender against the Homeowner. As a result they will have the right to collect against them. This can be stressful for a Homeowner that is already dealing with financial struggles. To avoid losing your home and being served a Deficiency Judgment, we recommend a Short Sale.  However, we believe that a loan modification is still in their best interest. If a Broward County Homeowner is successful in a short sale, the Bank will typically not pursue a Deficiency Judgment.  As a result,  the impact on their credit will not be as impacted.  If you are interested in by selling your home through a short sale, call your Short Sale Lawyers in Broward County.

The Benefits of Foreclosure Defense Attorneys in Florida

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With our short sale specialists, you will have options afforded to you while your case gets defended.

The Foreclosure Process can be stressful. The fear of losing one’s home can take a toll affecting all aspects of their life. Home Ownership is their most vital investment. Losing it not only affects your finances but can impact your retirement. On the other hand, if they defend against the Foreclosure, the negative impacts can be reduced.

An advantage of hiring Broward Short Sale Attorneys is that you have more options.  While they are still available to you without an Attorney, you will have more time to explore a Modification or Short Sale. However, they can take over a year to complete.  To avoid losing your property, it is important that your case is being defended.

Another benefit of hiring our office to defend the Foreclosure is that you will be informed regarding the status of your case. This is important because you do not want to be caught by surprise that you are losing your home. Competent Foreclosure Defense Attorneys will provide you an idea of how much time you have left in your property.  If you decide to relocate or vacate, you need to be sure that you can move without the sheriff coming to your property and removing you. Therefore, regardless of your overall intentions after being served with a Florida Foreclosure Complaint, it is important to defend your case so you can determine what course of action is best for you.