Florida has been one of the leading states in foreclosure lawsuits in the Country. As a result, many property owners and their loved ones have been forced to move. Broward County, for example, has made a name as one of the areas in Florida that has suffered greatly under this foreclosure crisis.

short Sale lawyer in Parkland, Florida

Our Parkland short sale lawyers are waiting to save you from foreclosure

Defending a foreclosure in Parkland is a challenging court battle. This is why it is always recommended that you hire a well trained and experienced short sale lawyer for buyer and seller. The Law office of Brian Kowal has a team of aggressive foreclosure defense attorneys who have been successful in assisting many Florida homeowners in defending against both Association Lien Foreclosure and Bank Foreclosures actions. With our wide experience in defending foreclosures, you can count on us during this hard time. The services that our Parkland, Florida Short Sale Attorneys provide include but are not limited to:

  1. Loan Modification Negotiations with the lender
  2. Foreclosure Defense
  3. Short Sale Assistance
  4. Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
  5. Defending Lien Foreclosures brought by Florida Condominium and Homeowners’ Associations.

Our short sale lawyers in Parkland are available twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week. Don’t lose your home to foreclosure. Contact us today to learn about short sale attorney fees and your options and receive the legal help you deserve.

Do You Really Need a Real Estate Attorney for Your Short Sale?

Here is a common situation that occurs way too often: A client comes to our office with a collection letter stating that they owe $100,000 or another large sum of money and they have completely no idea what it could be for since they don’t owe any person that much money. The first question we ask is if they have ever made a short sale on their or investment property or home.

Hiring the services of a competent Parkland short sale attorney near me

Lacking legal help during your short sale could set you up for regrets in future.

When the most anticipated response is, of course, yes, we further explain to them that the short sale is the reason why they are being sued for such a huge sum of money. Yet after explaining this, they are often confused and are confident saying that the bank or realtor promised them they wouldn’t have any further obligations under the mortgage.

That may be true, but what property owners or investors frequently fail to understand is that they also must be fully released from further financial obligations under the Promissory Note. The result is that these deficiency amounts of the mortgage that the consumer thinks the bank is renouncing for them then gets sold off on the secondary market, often resulting in future debt collections and lawsuits against the unsuspecting property owners who transacted in a short sale.

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