Tenant Evictions in Parkland – When Do you Need a Lawyer?

The types of Landlords vary across Florida, with some managing vast numbers of properties, while some only a few. No matter which type you happen to be, there is a chance you are not represented by an attorney if the Tenancy goes wrong. Believe us: it will go wrong occasionally, and at some point, you might need to go about the unfortunate business of evicting a Tenant. If you do not have a Landlord Lawyer on retainer, contact your Landlord-Tenant Eviction Attorney in Parkland. Brian P. Kowal, Esq.  is the Premier Landlord Lawyer in Parkland, Florida.

Let legal professionals help you navigate through the complex and difficult eviction process.

Evicting a Tenant in Parkland – When Landlord Attorneys are Key

In a civil court, cases tend to take a long time to progress, but Evictions move much faster. The thing you need to remember is that winning an eviction lawsuit can be sometimes be difficult if the Landlord failed to provide the proper notice.   Even scenarios that seem to be a sure win might require a bit more fineness than you are used to. Ask yourself the following questions before you go it alone, or before you hire an attorney:

These answers to these three questions will quickly determine whether you have a chance of winning the case on your own. For example, if the Tenant has filed for bankruptcy, then the judge might be more willing to grant them mitigating circumstances. If you have been investigated for illegal discrimination, then you may want to seek help, though if you have complied with fair housing laws, you have a good chance of winning. Still, let’s consider the consequences.

Injuries Suffered on your Property

Injuries could occur on your property, and your Tenant may claim that he or she became injured or ill as a result of residing there. Personal injury cases can be a high stakes affair for you. If you find yourself in this situation, then you might want to consider hiring a lawyer in Parkland as they will be much better at navigating the legal system then you are. Remember: If you are hiring a lawyer to handle a personal injury case related to your property, they need to not only be professional but also detached from the case.


If your Tenant or guest has accused you of failing to maintain the property, and if they believe that your neglect has caused damage, then you could be facing some severe fines. A great example would be a damaged, leaking roof that caused water damage not only to your structure but to the Tenant’s property. Electronics and other personal effects can be expensive to replace, and you don’t want to end up footing the bill for them.

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An Attorney landlord eviction in Parkland can be difficult, as it is anywhere else in the United States. The trick will be to make sure that you have the right representation, and that you do your best to keep running documentation on all of the issues that have arisen. The more paperwork you keep, the better you will be able to defend yourself when the time comes. With competitive rates and industry-leading support, Brian Kowal is ready to get you’re the best result. Make sure you Call today for a free consultation and expert legal advice.

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