Most Eviction Lawyers in Florida represent Landlords.  This is due to laws favoring their rights. While it is true that they have more protections, Tenants do have rights.   Therefore, it is important that Tenants find an attorney that advocates for them.   Contact your Tenant Rights Lawyer Margate Florida to learn about your rights.

How are Tenants Protected?

1.  Right to live in a property maintained by their Landlord. A Landlord must maintain the roof, windows, doors, or other structural components of the property.

2.  Right to Receive Notice Regarding Termination of Lease.   Depending on the length of the Lease, the Tenant must receive a termination notice from their Landlord.  For example, to terminate a month-to-month lease, they must receive a 15 day notice. In other words, if the date is May 13, the Landlord must give notice that the lease terminates on May 31.

3.  Right to Notice of Landlord Entry.  If the Landlord needs to enter the property to make repairs, they must give the Tenant reasonable notice. Reasonable Notice is at least 12 hours notice prior to entry between the 7:30 am. and 8 p.m.

4.  Protection Against Constructive Evictions.  A Landlord cannot terminate utility services that they provide to the Tenant.  This includes water, heat, light, electricity, garbage collection.  In addition, they cannot change the locks to the property.

5.  Right to Withhold Rent.  If after receiving a 7 days notice the Landlord fails to remove the violations in the property, a Tenant can withhold rent.  In other words, they have 7 days to maintain the property and/or remove the violations.  If the violations remain after the 7 days, the Tenant can withhold rent.  However, notice cannot be given less than 7 days before the next rental period.

6.  Right to Terminate the Rental Agreement.  A Tenant can terminate their lease if their Landlord failed to maintain the property.   A Tenant must give their Landlord a 7 day notice. As a result, the Landlord has 7 days to remove any violations in the property. If they fail to remove the violations, the Tenant can terminate their lease.

It is clear that although Florida Law provides more protections for Landlords, there are a respectable amount of rights for Tenants.  Therefore, if you are a Tenant and need representation, contact your Tenant Rights Lawyer Margate Florida at (954) 990-7552.