Has your Landlord violated your lease? What steps should you take to protect your rights? Most Tenants are not aware of their rights.   Therefore, before deciding to withhold rent, contact your Tenant’s Rights Lawyer Deerfield Beach, Florida at (954) 990-7552.   By taking action, you may be saving yourself from Eviction. 

Rights of Tenants in Deerfield Beach, Florida

1. Right to Quiet Enjoyment

All Tenants have the right to peacefully reside in the property without disturbance from their Landlord.  In addition, if they are being harassed by their Landlord or they are preventing them from residing in the property, they are in violation. 

2. Right to reside in a property that is safe and Habitable.

Florida Statute states that a Landlord must maintain the property. The property must be kept in reasonable condition. Further, they must maintain the structural parts in good repair.

3. Right to Landlord Notice of Entering Property.

The Landlord must provide the Tenant reasonable notice prior to entering property. This means that they must give them at least 12 hours notice prior to entry. 

4. Right to Notice Regarding Termination of Lease. 

The Tenant must receive 15 days notice to terminate the lease if their lease is month-to-month. For Example, if the Landlord wants to terminate the lease in June, they must give 15 days notice prior to June 30. Therefore, notice must be given on June 15 or any day prior.

5.  Protection against Landlord Retaliation.

A Landlord cannot unfairly increase a Tenant’s rent or threaten to bring an action against them due to retaliation. For Example, if a Tenant complains to the Landlord about the condition of the property, they cannot decide to terminate the lease because of their concerns.

6. Protection against a Constructive Eviction or Self Help by the Landlord.

A Landlord cannot turn off the Tenant’s utilities or prevent them from entering the property. For example, they cannot lock them out of the property because they failed to pay rent.

7. Right to Withhold Rent.

If the Landlord has failed to maintain the property, a Tenant can withhold rent. Before they withhold rent, they must give the Landlord a 7 Day Notice to Cure. In other words, a 7 day notice to cure states that the Tenant will withhold rent if the Landlord fails to the cure the violation within 7 days.

Tenants have significant protections. If you are a Tenant and need representation, contact your Tenant’s Rights Lawyer In Deerfield Beach, Florida at (954) 990-7552.