Brian Kowal Law has maintained the reputation of being an outstanding, service-oriented, and knowledgeable firm in Boca Raton, Florida. Our commitment to providing quality service rests firmly on a foundation of years of long-term professional lawyers, financial stability, and long-cultivated relations with the industry’s most trusted underwriting firms. We continually strive to be a leading attorney-owned Title Company in Boca Raton Florida. In these times of economic hardship and corporate distrust, you should rest assured that your title company is sound.

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Professional Title Services in Florida

The core of our principles is rivaled in our mission to earn your business through excellence in service. This exemplifies our commitment to the relations within our Boca Raton Florida title company and those we have expanded over the years. We believe that once you work with us, you become part of a professional team. Our greatest asset, one we take pride in, is our outstanding staff. It speaks to our commitment to quality consistency and excellence in a market of constant change.

Why Choose Our Title Company in Boca Raton Florida?

There are numerous times when closings fall apart before they actually settle, and the major reason is that the closing agent failed to be proactive enough to communicate effectively throughout the closing process. This leads to complications appearing at the last minute, which adds to the stress and pressure of what is generally the largest purchase of a person’s lifetime.

That’s why our Title company in Boca Raton Florida hires the top people in the industry and makes sure they are proactive in nature and properly trained. Our focus is to overcome challenges before they become major issues. But our commitment to safeguarding a smooth and enjoyable real estate transaction closing experience doesn’t stop there. We are also helping Homeowners and Realtors get their short sales approved thirty days faster than the average industry turn-times.

Title Search Services

We are committed to upholding the reputation of being an outstanding title search service. Title search or Property title search is the process of recovering paperwork that defines regulations concerning a real estate property and establishes relevant title interest in that property. A title search is performed to answer three questions about the property in question on the market. The first question is whether the seller has a legitimate interest in the property. Second, if there are any restrictions on the use of the property. Third, if there are any pending mortgages, liens, or taxes that need to be paid off at closing.

Title Insurance Companies

As the title is a document proving a person’s right to the possession of a real estate, it is important to create a legal right to the property. If a third party also has a legal right to the property, they can claim the real estate property and make demands on the owner as to its use. This situation is termed as a defective title, and if you are buying a property, in order to avoid such title defects, you should get title insurance.

Title insurance will be issued by a Title company in Boca Raton, FL, and it verifies that the title to certain property is legitimate. Acquiring title insurance saves misunderstandings and money in the future. However, if you decide to go without title insurance, you could eventually lose substantial amounts of money and, even worse, your property. Title insurance protects you against lawsuits and claims against your newly purchased property.

What our Premier Boca Raton, Florida title company does is a detailed search for you establishing whether the title to your desired property is legitimate. When you hire our title company services, you can be at ease because you will be protected against any possible claims and legal fees. A title insurance policy verifies ownership of property and also covers the cost of defending against any future claims.

Short Sale Closing

If you are looking to buy a property and you don’t have a substantial budget, you could consider buying a property on a short sale. Short sales are the perfect opportunity to buy a property at a lesser price, but these transactions can last for months. Short sales happen when the value of property declines, and sellers do not get enough cash from a buyer to pay off their mortgages. A necessary condition for closing a short sale is that lenders and lien holders agree to accept less money than the amount owed to them.
Since the debts protected by liens against the said property will not fully cover the sale, this kind of sale is termed as a short sale. The unpaid balance still owed to the creditors is called a deficiency. These deficiencies can be foregone after a short sale, but this does not always necessarily happen. It is important to have this clearly stipulated in the deal. Otherwise, creditors can collect the rest of the debt at any point in the future.
Our Boca Raton, Florida title company and closing company has closed countless short sales properties and can help you with the short sale closing of the house of your dreams. The key to a fruitful short sale closing is constant effective communication with all the parties involved to obtain the approval from the lenders and to update our clients continuously. We will assist you in every step of the way, collecting required documentation and following up with the short sale lender throughout the entire process.