Need a Coconut Creek, Florida Title Company? The Law Office of Brian Kowal is a trusted Coconut Creek title company.  They serve the State of Florida. Owned and operated by attorneys, our title company provides Real Estate closings, Title Searches, and escrow services.

Coconut Creek, Florida title, and closing company

Title company in Coconut Creek, FL

About Brian Kowal Law Title Company

We are a Coconut Creek, FL Title company owned and run by skilled, competent, and experienced attorneys. Our multilingual team of attorneys strives to make sure that every real estate closing goes smoothly. With years of combined Title and Real Estate experience, we offer strategic and timely educated guidance in Florida Real Estate transactions.

At our Coconut Creek, Florida title, and closing company, each real estate deal is handled by one assigned attorney from the outset. This way, you do not feel as if your transaction is being passed along; rather, you are part of the real estate process and merit the one on one attention vital to completing a successful transaction. We understand that this might be an investment property, your first home, a refinance, or distressed property.

Whether you are buying your first home or you are an experienced real estate developer or investor, our Title company in Coconut Creek, Florida, is here to help you every step of the way.

Coconut Creek Title Insurance

You might be wondering why you require to get title insurance. In fact, most individuals don’t even know what it’s for. Many think that it is another fee you just pay for when you buy a house. Title insurance, however, is all about protection! Intelligent real estate Investors don’t ever run huge risks on a lot of money just to save a little money.

Real Estate Closings

Coconut Creek, Florida title, and closing company

: Title company in Coconut Creek, FL

Title companies in Coconut Creek, FL Offer real estate closing services. In a real estate transaction, the closing, also known as a settlement, is the last step in the real estate deal in which the title deed is passed to the purchaser. During these title insurance procedures, the title is transferred, the agreed-on charges are met, and financing paperwork is exchanged. Some of the final documents, like the deed, the mortgage, and deed of trust, are then transferred to the county recorder for registration. Depending on the local system, the real estate closing is managed by a Title company in Coconut Creek, FL, attorney, or escrow holder.

Short Sales & Foreclosures

A Florida Short Sale is when the Bank agrees to buy back a property from the borrower for a lesser amount than they owe.  They are a defense to foreclosure for property owners who can’t afford to pay their mortgage.  In addition, it can be used if your home is “underwater. ”  In other words, it is worth less now than the amount you borrowed from.    In most cases, the bank, as part of the short sale negotiation agreement, will release the homeowner from paying the deficiency, which is the difference between the original mortgage amount and the short sale price. However, that is not automatic, and you must consider that before agreeing to a short sale.

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