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Brian Kowal, P.A Title Company, is an attorney-owned full-service title company serving the entire state of Florida. Our impeccable customer service, combined with the legal expertise of our real estate lawyers and staff, creates a closing experience second to none. Our team of industry experts has created our simplified closing process, which takes the stress out of each transaction.

In addition, every file is overseen by a real estate lawyer to ensure the client is receiving the protection they deserve. All this is done while offering the most competitive fees in the real estate industry. Whether you’re buying, selling, or refinancing, you can rely on our title company in Hollywood, FL, to provide an unmatched closing experience.

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Closing and Title Services for buyers

Our unique closing process is detailed below. In short, Brian Kowal, P.A Title Company, is your contract guide by closing that guarantees that you, as a seller, get a clean title to the property you purchase while offering detailed status reports at each point of the process. In fact, our lawyers ensure that the legal criteria for the transfer of possession of the property to you are fulfilled by the seller, who can only do so through the attorney-owned and controlled title company in Hollywood, FL. We are available to answer legal contract questions if they arise prior to signing.

The cycle starts immediately upon receipt of the contract:

  • Your file is allocated to a designated closing supervisor so that the process can be streamlined.
  • An introductory email is immediately sent to both parties detailing the important dates and time limits remaining in the agreement. The email is accompanied by electronic calendar reminders to ensure that no time limit is missed, such as making a deposit or obtaining loan approval.
  • We will verify that all deposits are made in a good time and send a letter verifying this to all parties.
  • We immediately conduct a title check, deciding if there are any trusts, mortgages, or property defects. When they do, our legal team will help to resolve them.
  • We must immediately conduct a municipal connection check to decide if there are any open/expired building permits, ordinances or code violations, and overdue utility bills or property taxes. When they do, our legal team will help to resolve them
  • If the purchaser obtains a loan, we shall immediately work with the lender to provide them with the documentation needed to approve the financing, avoiding delays in closing the loan.
  • If the property is in a condo or homeowners association, we must immediately contact the association to confirm whether the house is in good standing. For example, all maintenance fees are current.
  • Our legal team will review all documents prepared by the seller’s attorney, such as the act, to ensure that all legal requirements are met. If the seller does not have a lawyer, we will write the paperwork for them.
  • We are preparing the final closing statement, which is an explanation of the closing costs and is similar to the preliminary closing statements that you have already seen throughout the transaction. Our legal team shall review the closing statement in order to ensure proper allocation of closing costs between the parties prior to our review and a thorough explanation of all costs with the purchaser.
  • Final closing is arranged at either of our offices or wherever it is most convenient for the customer
  • At the end of the conference, all records are clarified in depth. All ties or title errors have now been corrected, and a final title insurance policy is issued to cover the purchaser.
  • Before, during, and after closing, we’re here and always available to answer questions or help in any way we can.
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Closing and Title Services for Sellers

For Hollywood, Florida real estate transactions, the owner typically selects a title service and pays title insurance. Still, as a seller, the quality of the title company will have a major impact on how smooth the closing process is, or sometimes whether it happens at all, which is one reason why you still need us.

As a seller, you’re going to need documentation prepared for you, such as a deed. The buyer’s chosen Hollywood, Florida title company, will charge you for this service, but why do you pay for the company that the buyer has chosen and is only looking for the buyer’s interests

Instead of paying the purchaser’s title company, we can prepare your seller’s documents while only looking for your interests. For example, the closing statement is a document which allocates the closing costs between the purchaser and the seller in accordance with the real estate contract. We’re going to check the closing document prepared by the buyer’s title company and make sure you’re not getting paid for something you’re not supposed, and you’re paying your full net proceeds

Finally, if anything unforeseen occurs, be confident that our legal experts will be on top of it.

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