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Need the services of a competent Plantation Title Company? Brian Kowal law Title is a trusted Plantation title company, serving in Plantation, Florida. Owned and operated by lawyers, we provide highly personalized services in the areas of title insurance, real estate closings, title searches, and escrow services.

About Kowal Law Title

Being the best title company in Plantation, our team strives to guarantee that each client’s closing goes smoothly and that your experience with Kowal Law Title is professional, responsive, and enjoyable. With many years of combined title and real estate experience, we offer timely, strategic, and informed guidance in Florida real estate transactions.

At Brian Kowal Law, each transaction is handled by an assigned team member from the outset. This way, you will not feel as though you are being passed along; rather, you are a significant part of the real estate process and deserve the one on one attention critical to completing a successful transaction. We understand that this might be your first home, a distressed property, an investment property, or a refinance.

Whether you are pursuing your first home purchase, you are a veteran real estate investor or developer, our Plantation title company is here to help you every step of the way.

Plantation Title Insurance

You might be wondering why you require to get title insurance. As a matter of fact, many people don’t even know what title insurance is for. Some just think that it is another document that they just have to pay for when they are buying a house. Title insurance is typically all about protection! Think about it, intelligent investors don’t ever take huge chances on a lot of money just to save a little money.

Plantation Real Estate Closings

Title company Plantation, Florida

Title companies in Plantation, Florida

Offering real estate closing and title services. In a real estate transaction, the closing, sometimes referred to as the settlement, is the last exchange in the selling and purchasing of real estate in which the title deed is given to the buyer. During this process, the title is transferred, title insurance procedures are met, financing documents are exchanged, and the agreed-on fees are met. 

Some of the final papers, like the deed, the mortgage, or deed of trust, are then transferred to the county recorder to be registered. Depending on the local system, the real estate transaction closing is managed by an escrow holder, title company, or attorney.

Short Sales & Foreclosures

A Plantation short sale is when the creditor agrees to buy back the property from the debtor, for less than what the debtor still owes on the property. It is an alternative to foreclosure for homeowners who are experiencing trouble paying their mortgage, or it can also be used if your property is “underwater”, meaning it is worth less now than the amount you borrowed from the bank.

In most cases, the creditor, as part of the negotiated sale, will release you from paying the deficit, known as a deficiency, which is the difference between the short sale price and the original mortgage amount. However, that is not automatic, and you must consider that before agreeing to a short sale.

Our in-depth knowledge and dedication to accuracy and integrity allow us to assure our clients that we always engage the highest level of care in undertaking such delicate procedures. An intimate acquaintance with the complex judicial foreclosure process inherent in Plantation,

Florida grants us the confidence to insure foreclosure and bank-owned transactions. At Kowal Law Title, we work with our clients to guide them through every step along the process of bringing about a sufficient conclusion to the property transaction.

Our title company Plantation, FL, proudly offers a suite of the most innovative and advanced industry-leading services. Each and every one of our clients are offered the foremost online tools to streamline their closing process. With us representing all your interests and protecting your rights, no avenue in the foreclosure or short sale processes will be closed to you. We strive to ensure the topmost quality of care is given to our clients and that each and every one of their wishes and needs are met, and their expectations are exceeded. 

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