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We not only meet your needs but also exceed your expectations when it comes to title insurance and real estate closings. To guarantee a smooth and effortless real estate closing experience for every client, our Sunrise title company offers a wide range of title insurance and settlement services specifically suited to Florida’s diverse real estate community. 

Sunrise title company

The best title company in Sunrise


The team at Kowal Law Title Company is entirely composed of experienced title insurance and settlement specialists. Our experience is as wide-ranging as it is comprehensive and in-depth in all manner of residential real estate transactions in Sunrise, Florida. Whether your transaction involves only the standard property purchase of a residential property or unpredicted complications arise surrounding the paperwork or rights of ownership, our mission is to provide to your every need. 

Regardless of whether or not the buyer or lender chooses to finance or the financing is stand-alone, our attorney owned title company in Sunrise, FL offers a broad range of the most effective closing and title solutions available throughout this state. We will strive to offer our clients the greatest degree of protection possible. When pursuing homeownership, or the selling of a home, we will ensure that you are well covered and protected against any and all eventualities, so that you can remain comfortable throughout the entirety of the process.

At Kowal Law, we offer a wonderful slew of closing and title services designed to ensure that each of our clients’ closings proceeds as seamlessly as possible. We want nothing more than for our clients experiencing the easiest and most effortless real estate property purchasing or selling process that we can offer them. In addition, we understand the absolute necessity of adequate title policy coverage. Therefore, we extend decently excellent coverage to each of our clients. Ensuring your wellbeing and protection is our business as we guide you through the residential home buying or selling process.


Our Sunrise, Florida title company comprises a team of professionals who fully comprehends the stakes of a commercial real estate transaction. Let us eliminate some of the burdens from your shoulders by allowing yourself to rely on our skills and experience refined through many, many years of experience into the purest state of efficiency. The members of our tile and closing professional team are gifted with a high degree of experience and a strong focus. 

Title company Sunrise, Florida

Title companies in Sunrise, Florida

We are extremely proficient at successfully closing high liability industrial, commercial, and development projects. Because they are so methodically covered and protected, our clients know that, no matter what the case, they can rest assured of the devotion and efficiency of the representatives of Kowal Law. 

No segment of Florida falls outside of the horizon and expertise of a Kowal Law title agent. We pride ourselves on the in-depth knowledge and powerful tools we bring to bear in order to accomplish to the fullest satisfaction possible all of our clients’ development or commercial title and/or settlement needs. Whether a commercial real estate investor, attorney, lender, asset manager, a builder or a developer, all our clients know they can rely on the wealth of experience of which our team at our title company Sunrise, FL is possessed. We promise to exceed expectations in our completion of even the most complex commercial transactions.

Short Sales & Foreclosures

Being the best title company in Sunrise, our team is entirely composed of skilled, expert real estate professionals, each of whom is gifted with a wealth of experience in all manner of facets of the real estate business in Florida. We are seasoned veterans of the short sales and foreclosure processes. Our in-depth knowledge and dedication to accuracy and integrity allow us to assure our clients that we always engage the highest level of care in undertaking such delicate procedures.

An intimate acquaintance with the complex judicial foreclosure process inherent in Sunrise, Florida, grants us the confidence to insure foreclosure and bank-owned transactions. At Kowal Law Title, we work with our clients to guide them through every step along the process of bringing about a sufficient conclusion to the property transaction.

Our title company Sunrise, FL, proudly offers a suite of the most innovative and advanced industry-leading services. Each and every one of our clients are offered the foremost online tools to streamline their closing process. With us representing all your interests and protecting your rights, no avenue in the foreclosure or short sale processes will be closed to you. We strive to ensure the topmost quality of care is given to our clients and that each and every one of their wishes and needs are met, and their expectations exceeded. 

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