Why a Landlord should a Hire an Eviction Lawyer in Wilton Manors Florida 

The relationship between a Landlord and their Tenant is not always peaceful. Issues occur that lead to Litigation. While most are aware that they have rights, they do not always know how to advocate for themselves in Court.  As a result, they can end up losing the case.  Therefore, if you are a Landlord and need representation, contact your Eviction Lawyer in Wilton Manors Florida.

How Can an Eviction Lawyer in Wilton Manors Florida Help Landlords?

1.  Termination of Lease Evictions

To Terminate a Month-to-Month Lease, a Landlord is required to give 15 days Notice.  If the Tenant remains in the property, they become a Holdover Tenant.  As a result, we will file an Eviction.  In addition, we will request that the Court order double rent.

2. Non-Payment Evictions

Our office will serve a 3 Day Notice.  If they do not pay after the 3 days, we file an Eviction for Possession.  In addition, if the Landlord wants to try and recover the past due rent, we include a separate count in the Complaint. If the Tenant responds, we will request a Final Hearing

3. Non-Monetary Evictions 

Our office will serve a 7 Day Notice to Cure.  If they fail to remove the Violations, we proceed with the Eviction.  On the other hand, if it cannot be cured, we serve a Notice of Termination.  If they fail to leave after the 7 Days, we file to remove the Tenant.  

4. Prepare and Review Leases  

Many Landlords prefer to have an Attorney prepare a lease for them. Our Office structures the Lease to protect their rights.

5. Security Deposits Disputes 

The Landlord has 15 days to return it and 30 Days to place a claim on it.  If a Tenant objects to the claim within 15 days, we will file an action in Court.   As a result, the Judge will make a determination if the Landlord or Tenant is entitled to it.  If we are successful, we will be able to recover the Attorney’s Fees.

Our Office has always fought for the rights of Landlords.  Therefore, if you need representation, contact your Eviction Lawyer in Wilton Manors Florida at (954) 990-7552.