Oakland Park Foreclosure Defense Lawyers


The Real Estate World is changing.  Unfortunately, there are an increasing number of Oakland Park Homeowners in Foreclosure.  While this has created insecurity, it does not mean you will lose your property.  If you have not paid your Mortgage or have a pending case, contact your Oakland Park Florida Foreclosure Defense Lawyers at (954) 990-7552.

Oakland Park Foreclosure Defense

If a Homeowner fails to pay after receiving Notice, the Bank will file the Foreclosure.  As a result, the Homeowner has 20 days to respond.  During this time, it is beneficial for them retain a Foreclosure Defense Lawyer in Oakland Park Florida. We will respond on your behalf while exploring retention options.  As we have been defending Homeowners since 2008, we have been able to buy them the time they need to help them keep their property.

Short Sale

This occurs when a property is sold for less than is owed.  This process has several advantages.  These include:

1.           Waiver of Deficiency.   Our firm advises not to accept an approval from the Bank that does not include a waiver.  In other words, they agree not to come after the Homeowner for the amount still owed.

2.           Moving Costs.   Depending on the Bank, a Homeowner may be given Court Costs as a result of a Short Sale Settlement.  This is helpful to Homeowners that need to relocate once their home is sold.

3.           Fresh Start.  It is true that losing your Home can be devastating. However, a Short Sale allows you to walk away without a Foreclosure on your record.   As a result, you can purchase a property within two years. On the other hand, if the property goes through Foreclosure, they may be prevented from purchasing a property years after.

Loan Modification

If a Homeowner wants to keep their property, this is the best option. However, the process of applying can be stressful and time consuming.  They must respond to all of the Bank’s requests for documents.  This can take over six months and requires full dedication.  If they are approved, they will have to submit 3 trial payments.  After the final payment, they will be given a permanent modification.   The application process can be stressful.  As a result, the Hiring of a Foreclosure Defense Lawyer will alleviate the stress of dealing with the Bank.

What are the Advantages of a Loan Modification?

1.         Lower Payment

2.         Loan Extended 

3.         Lower Interest Rate

4.         Foreclosure is dismissed

Deed in Lieu

This occurs when a Homeowner transfers their interest to the Lender.  In return, the Bank agrees to dismiss the Foreclosure.  During the process, it is important that the Homeowner demand that the Bank agree not to come after them for a Deficiency Judgment.   This protects them from the Bank coming after them for any money that is still owed to them. ‘

Our firm always  fights for Homeowners in Foreclosure.  If you have been served or can no longer make your payments, contact your Oakland Park Florida Foreclosure Defense Lawyers at (954) 990-7552.