Commercial Tenant

How do I Evict Commercial Tenant in Broward?

A Commercial Landlord must follow 83 if they Need to Evict Commercial Tenant in Broward County, Florida.  If a Tenant does not pay rent, they will receive a 3 day notice. As  a result, they can pay or vacate.  If neither occurs, the Landlord can file a Complaint against them. As a result, a Tenant has 5 days to respond.

If the response does not allege any legal grounds, a Commercial Landlord can file a Motion to Strike.  If it is granted, a Judgment will then be entered.  The Clerk of Court will then sign a Writ of Possession and send it to the Sheriff. They will then post a twenty-four (24) hour notice on the Commercial Tenant’s door.  Unless they have any legal grounds, they will be unable to contest the Writ.  The entire process takes four to five weeks but can be delayed.

Commercial Landlords can sue for past rent. 

In the Complaint to remove the Tenant, the Landlord can include a count for past rent. As a result, they can obtain a Judgment against them for past due rent.  This allows the Landlord the right to attempt to collect.  This process can take time.  However, if the Tenant is employed or has bank accounts, the chances of recovering increase. Our office stresses to Landlords that they should always include a Personal Guaranty on their lease.  In other words, if the Company goes out of business, they still can go after the individual that signed the Guarantee. A Commercial Landlord should make sure that they have the home address of the Guarantor at the time they sign the lease.

If you need to evict Commercial Tenant in Broward County, Florida, contact our office at (954) 990-7552.  We will educate you about your rights as well as the Commercial Eviction Process.