Many Eviction Complaints in Sunrise FL or any city in Broward County FL allege information regarding past due rent that is incorrect.  While a Tenant may still be liable for past due rent, you have the right to contest the Complaint if the amount stated is incorrect.  Florida Statute allows you to file a Motion to Determine to Rent if you disagree with the amount that the Complaint alleges you owe.  It is still important that you put the amount of rent that you feel you owe in the Court Registry.  The Judge will usually set your Motion for Hearing and then will determine at that hearing, the actual amount of rent that is owed.

It is very important that Tenants in Sunrise FL or any city in Broward County FL understand their rights.  If you are served with an Eviction Complaint and need aggressive and competent representation, call Brian Kowal Law today at 954-990-7552.   Make sure your Landlord is not taking advantage of you!