Tenants Rights in Pembroke Pines FL

The Eviction process can be extremely stressful.  Many tenants believe that once they receive an Eviction Complaint in Pembroke Pines FL they have to vacate the property immediately.  This is not true.   Florida Statute clearly states Tenants Rights in Pembroke Pines FL.   Once you are served, you have five business days to respond.  This does not include Holidays and Weekends.

If you feel that the amount in the Complaint is incorrect, you can file a Motion to Determine Rent.  Accordingly, the Judge will decide as to the amount that is owed.  As a result, they will order the rent to be deposited into the Registry.  If they deposit it, a Final Hearing will be set.  At the Hearing, the Judge will decide for the Landlord or Tenant.

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