Florida Real Estate Law covers several areas.  This includes Representing Sellers and Buyers, Foreclosure Defense, Representing Landlords and Tenants, Quiet Title Actions, Partition Actions, Escrow Disputes, and Unlawful Detainers.   Therefore, if you need a Real Estate Lawyer in Margate, Florida, contact our office at (954) 990-7552.

How your Real Estate Lawyer in Margate, Florida can Represent You

  1. Representing Buyers and Sellers

A. Buyer Representation. When purchasing a property, a Buyer should be represented by a Real Estate Lawyer.  The advantage of Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer is that we establish direct contact with the Title Company.  In addition, a Real Estate Lawyer inspects the lien search, title commitment, and closing documents that the Buyer signs.

B. Seller Representation.  A Real Estate Lawyer helps the Seller clear any liens prior to closing.  As a result, the Seller can deliver clear title.  In other words, title will be free of any liens. In addition, a Real Estate Lawyer prepares the documents that the Seller signs at closing.

     2.  A Real Estate Lawyer can help you Establish Ownership by Filing a Quiet Title Action

A Seller must convey Marketable Title when selling their home.  In other words, the property must be free and clear of any liens.  Often times, more than one individual claims ownership in a property.  As a result, a Quiet Title Action occurs.  If you are successful in your Quiet Title Action, you will be given sole ownership of the property.

     3.   Representation of Landlords and Tenants 

A. Landlords. A Real Estate Lawyer files Evictions against Tenants that do not pay rent.  In addition, we help Landlords keep the Security Deposit and send notices to Tenants.  Therefore, if you are a Landlord in Margate, contact our office today and talk to Brian Kowal, P.A., your dedicated Real Estate Lawyer in Margate, Florida.

B. Tenants. A Real Estate Lawyer represents Tenants against Evictions.   While Florida Law generally favors Landlords, our office can help Tenants stay in the property.  In addition, we help Tenants recover their Security Deposit.

     4.  Partition Action

In Broward County, some properties are owned by more than one person.   Unfortunately, disputes occur between the owners regarding the property or if the property should be sold. By filing a Partition Action, the Court determines if the property should be sold or divided among the owners.  As a result, the case will be resolved.

     5.   Unlawful Detainer

Brian Kowal, P.A. can help you with an Unlawful Detainer.  This is filed by a Homeowner to remove a person that lives in their home.  In addition, this person does not pay rent and does not have a lease.

     6.   Represent Buyer or Seller in Escrow Dispute

A Real Estate Contract requires a Buyer to meet certain deadlines.  If the Buyer does not meet these deadlines, the Seller is not required to return the Escrow Deposit to the Buyer.   As a result, an Escrow Dispute occurs.  If you are involved in an Escrow Dispute, contact our office and talk to Brian Kowal, P.A. today.

In short, the Law Office of Brian P. Kowal, PA can assist you with your Real Estate needs. If you need a Real Estate Lawyer in Margate, Florida, contact our office today at (954) 990-7552.